Stop fraud before it happens.

Keep your websites and apps safe and secure from fraudsters, by identifying suspicious devices the moment they try to connect.

Stop Online Fraud

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Easy and effortless authentication.

Protect customer accounts and build their trust, by providing them with easy and secure authentication and authorization.

Secure Customer Logins

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Be compliant and competitive.

Be compliant with the latest privacy regulatory standards and their specific guidelines for protecting consumer accounts and data.

Meet Industry Standards

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Because one fraud prevention solution won’t work for everyone.

Whatever your business, we will secure it against fraud and make authentication easier for good customers.

Fraud prevention and authentication solutions for every industry, including yours.

We know the real stories behind billions of consumer devices.

Our patented fraud detection technology and international community collects insights from 7 billion consumer devices and uses that data to keep you safe.

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Total Transactions Protected
54 billion
Global Consumer Devices
7 billion
Protected Brands

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We believe fraud detection and prevention takes teamwork. And so we’re always happy to share industry trends, insights and resources that’ll keep you and your customers safe.

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