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Start with Device Recognition.

Every device provides insight into the intentions of the person behind it. Our multifactor authentication and fraud prevention technology identifies and continues to recognize devices over time without requiring personal information. A device may be new to you but we already know the history of most of the devices connected to your website or mobile app.

  • While a device may be new to you, we already recognize devices in 86% of the 4+ billion transactions we protect annually.

  • iovation has fraud and risk intelligence on over 3 billion global devices and that number grows every day.

  • Low risk of unnecessary friction for good customers with 0.0028% false positive rate.

Know Device Reputations Up Front.

You need to understand who you’re doing business with—the good and the bad. When you know the facts you will make better-informed decisions. Device-based intelligence opens the door to robust layers of reputation and behavior insight about the visitors to your site. We flag over 45 types of suspicious behavior such as credit card fraud, identity theft, account takeover and more.


Uncover Hidden Associations.

A device that initially looks low risk may actually be connected to a number of accounts and other devices with known histories of fraud. Cybercrime rings are highly organized, sophisticated and activities can become related. Our link analysis uncovers these otherwise hidden relationships. Gain deep insight into device and account relationships. 

Expose Evasion Techniques in Use.

Fraudsters like to hide and we know how to find them. iovation's powerful authentication and fraud detection services let you know when your site visitors use anonymous proxies, emulators or TOR. We also flag risk factors like mismatched times zones, browser language, locations and inconsistent IP addresses. 

  • Tor Network

    Disguises a device by moving its traffic across different servers and encrypting it.

  • Anonymous Proxy

    Hides a device’s IP address and corresponding location from the site they’re visiting.

  • Emulators

    Mimics device types and operating systems so that a user can camouflage their device identity.

Don't Fight Fraud Alone.

iovation helps hundreds of financial services, retail, insurance, gaming. telecommunications and social networks screen billions of transactions and stop over 300,000 fraud and account takeover attempts every single day. Benefit from shared fraud intelligence from 3,500 fraud analysts around the world. Receive expert assistance from iovation's highly rated client team. Join our fraud-fighting community to help make the Internet a safer place.

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