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Secure Your Business Network With iovation Authentication Solutions

Authentication is the first line of defense for online businesses, it answers important questions like “Is the person visiting my website or mobile app the person they say they are?” or “Are they a fraudster, hacker, or digital combatant?”

Authentication can also be a frustrating obstacle for good customers. Cumbersome authentication methods often get in the way of purchases, slow mobile transactions, drive up session abandonment rates, and drive down customer satisfaction scores.

To solve these challenges, iovation’s Dynamic Authentication Suite provides two stand-alone authentication products that work in tandem to address two critical authentication needs:

  • ClearKey Device-based Authentication: Provides contextual, device-based authentication for low-risk transactions that transparently provides identification and deep contextual insights.
  • LaunchKey Multifactor Authentication: Offers robust, multifactor authentication (MFA) designed for a broad range of risk scenarios, while adding authorization to the mix.

LaunchKey Authentication Methods

LaunchKey manages all digital and physical authentication and authorization processes right in your mobile app. From today’s web or mobile app to tomorrow’s omni-channel experience across call centers, kiosks, ATMs, or IoT devices, LaunchKey provides the broadest set of authentication methods and unifies customer experience. New methods can be easily added to the platform as they gain mainstream acceptance (imagine retinal scanning, full facial assessment, and heart rate scans).

  • Circle Code - Set up an interactive, intuitive and graphical combination lock – that looks and acts like a physical lock – with custom lock codes.
  • Fingerprint Scan - Leverage the user’s mobile device to authenticate the user’s fingerprint, then combine this with the device’s own digital fingerprint.
  • Bluetooth Proximity - Authorize a user’s login request based on close proximity of a known device, like a FitBit or Apple Watch.
  • Geofencing - Use the user's geolocation or time of their login attempt as an authentication factor, either as admin rule or user preference.
  • Pin Code - Build powerful PIN creation and management features right into your mobile apps, or access them from the authenticator application.

Two-Factor Authentication 2FA

Today, most companies continue to rely on cumbersome usernames and passwords as their only means for authenticating customers. Our two-factor authentication (2FA) service can be easily added to your existing process without adding customer friction. It provides customers with an invisible, hassle-free web experience by recognizing and using their device as an additional factor of authentication.

Multifactor Authentication MFA

As the name implies, multifactor authentication uses multiple methods of consumer authentication to verify a user’s identity. These methods go beyond typical two-factor authentication systems, like passwords backed up by text verification, to include multiple parallel types of user authentication. Multifactor authentication can include a combination of knowledge factors, such as traditional passwords, possession factors such as text verification, and inherence factors such as fingerprint identification, all in one dynamic solution.

Device-based Authentication

iovation’s patented device-based authentication technology verifies a user’s identity by matching device fingerprints with a high degree of accuracy, and explicitly pairing known good Device IDs with the user's account. Your customers can choose to indicate which devices they want to be associated with an account and used at login, or you can register accounts and devices automatically on behalf of your customers.

Other device-based authentication systems simply cannot keep track of the natural drift caused by updates, new apps, or even new fonts. iovation’s fuzzy matching technology takes expected changes into account to minimize unnecessary “negative” responses and create “acceptable risk” boundaries. As a result, you can maintain a high level of authentication accuracy over time and reduce consumer challenges.

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iovation Advantages

  • Authenticate Anything, Automate Everything
    Identify and authenticate all device types, from phones and PCs to laptops and tablets, regardless of the platform, OS, brand, browser or mobile apps. 
  • iovation’s Global Device Intelligence Platform 
    iovation’s provides a worldwide network that delivers real-time intelligence on 5 billion devices from every country in the world, including the billions of associations that exist between these devices. It’s the largest database of device intelligence and insight in the industry today.
  • Secure Every Point in the Customer’s Journey 
    iovation’s authentication and fraud prevention solutions can be used at any point along the customer’s online journey, from account creation to purchasing, to assure a user’s identity and combat fraud

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