Go beyond device recognition. iovation’s advanced device intelligence uses device behavior, context and reputation to stop fraud and improve the user experience.

“In today’s always-on, always-connected world, devices have become ubiquitous. Because they go everywhere, they make it incredibly convenient for consumers to do nearly everything online. From opening a new account to submitting a loan application to making purchases, or even online dating.

Take mobile banking, for example. Here’s Jill, she appears to be one of your regular customers. She’s logging into her banking app from the comfort and safety of her own home. She inputs the correct username and password and she’s logged in, just as expected. Except, when we take another look, we see that all isn’t as it appears to be. That transaction wasn’t initiated by Jill, on her phone, from her home at all. Unfortunately, you can’t trust online identities. Fraudsters may be using stolen credentials, a stolen identity or a completely fake identity. Fortunately, we can learn a lot from the device that they are using. While they may seem inseparable, users and devices are not the same things. Fraudsters know this, which is why they may try to lie about the device type, its IP address or fake its location. Often, these tactics can fool a typical mobile or web application, enabling criminal behavior like fraud. That’s where iovation’s device recognition and device intelligence come in.

Device intelligence is much more than accurately recognizing a device, it’s about understanding the DNA of the device by considering context, behavior, and reputation. Context tells us where the device is really located. Behavior shows us what a device has been up to recently, including if it is trying to fake what is really is, where it is really located or has an abnormally high amount of online activity. And reputation tells us if there’s a past history of fraud associated with the device. iovation’s industry-leading device recognition and intelligence technology is designed specifically to enable frictionless authentication for trusted customers while preventing online fraud such as account takeover, new account fraud, and credit application fraud. Additionally, our technology is able to recognize devices, without collecting any directly identifying personal information, while helping your business comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

iovation’s device intelligence allows you to authenticate good customers and protect against fraudsters, making the Internet a safer place for conducting business no matter who or where your customers are.”

Learn about how device reputation can help in your fight against fraud. For more information, download our Definitive Guide™ to Next-Generation Fraud Prevention eBook.