With a majority of transactions now happening online, the need to provide customers with a frictionless online experience that’s also highly secure has become critical for today’s businesses.

Still, most companies continue to rely heavily on usernames and passwords as their only means for customer authentication. This creates a significant problem. Not only are passwords difficult for customers to recall and manage, but fraudsters frequently steal and resell them on the black market. Security researchers recently uncovered a cache of 1.4 billion compromised credentials on the dark web, helping to fuel the increase in account takeover (ATO) attacks in recent years.

To protect their businesses from risk without negatively impacting their customers’ online experience, companies need to add a strong, transparent, risk-aware layer of authentication that won’t slow trusted customers down. Today, they’re doing it with iovation ClearKey.

Read the datasheet to learn more about passwordless authentication powered by device fingerprinting and contextual insight.