Multi-Factor Authentication MFA For Dummies eBook

We see a counterintuitive future whereby better security no longer means a more complicated or cumbersome user experience. We see a future in which users happily take control of their privacy, out-of-band mobile MFA is the norm, and nobody suffers the fallout from the last major credential breach. This future is free of sticky notes with scribbled codes and centralized credential stores. Indeed, it’s free of passwords altogether.

That future doesn’t have to be far off. With a next-generation multifactor authentication platform that meets the 10 criteria outlined in this book, this dream can become reality — when you’re ready. Moving beyond simple two-factor authentication, a modern MFA platform can work alongside your password and other knowledge-based authentication technologies. You could use MFA as your first layer of authentication, for example, and fall back to your existing authentication method. Over time, you can scale back knowledge-based authentication and kill passwords once and for all.


  1. Understanding Consumer Authentication Challenges
  2. Protecting Access with Multiple Factors
  3. Unifying the User Experience
  4. Decentralizing MFA Architecture
  5. Adapting to Risk in Real Time
  6. Customizing the MFA Experience
  7. Securing Multifactor Authentication
  8. Meeting Your Authentication Goals, Today and Tomorrow
  9. Ten Buying Criteria for Multifactor Authentication