• Strengthen your brand loyalty and reputation.

    You’ve worked hard to build your brand. We work hard to help you keep your customers. Theme and brand authenticators in keeping with your brand identity and standards; don’t lose your hard earned brand equity. Our multifactor authentication solutions look both native and natural to your app.

  • One authentication process at all touchpoints.

    Allow customers to manage all of their own digital and physical authentication and authorization processes right in your mobile app. MFA is easily integrated into any app, offering unified access across your websites, call centers, kiosks and even IoT devices; wherever you interact with your customers.

  • Higher security with strong customer authentication.

    LaunchKey, our multifactor authentication solution, allows you to offer customers three types of authentication factors: something you know (knowledge), something you have (possession), and something you are (inherence). Available methods include: verifying mobile possession, fingerprint scan, facial scan, geofencing, circle code, pin code, and wearable proximity (more to come as digital devices develop new modes).

  • Authentication custom configured to match risk levels.

    Fine tune your system to streamline access for good customers, and keep cybercriminals out. LaunchKey can be tuned to require stronger authentication, like biometrics, for your highest points of risk. For lower risk touchpoints, a simple swipe authorization could be used.

Secure your app without slowing down customers.

Looking for a solution that’s inherently secure, with built-in authorization capabilities?

Whether onboarding new users or resetting passwords, our ability to provide enhanced, risk‐based multifactor authentication work flows allows for the global governance of any user attempting to access the identity management ecosystem.

Dan Dagnall Fischer