• Streamline the product experience for good customers.

    Seamlessly authenticate good customers to give them instant access using their devices, or award them promotions, incentives, or bonuses without forcing them to pass a frustrating series of security steps.

  • Go beyond alerts to authorization.

    Send consumers all of the details they need to confidently authorize a transaction in real time. Allow them to quickly approve wire transfers, large purchases or receipt of goods right in your app.

  • Match authentication to transaction risk.

    Customize authentication requirements to match risk levels. Fine-tune to require stronger authentication, such as biometrics or possession elements, for your highest points of risk. For lower-risk touchpoints, use simple one-touch approval.

  • Keep customers in-app and preserve your brand equity.

    Allow customers to seamlessly authenticate and authorize transactions right in your app, avoiding the need to send them out-of-app to higher-friction alternatives.

Seamless authentication that improves customer experience.

Combine device-based and multifactor authentication to achieve a risk-based approach to your consumer authentication strategy.

Whether onboarding new users or resetting passwords, our ability to provide enhanced, risk‐based multifactor authentication work flows allows for the global governance of any user attempting to access the identity management ecosystem.

Dan Dagnall Fischer