• Add security, while reducing customer hassle.

    Forget having cumbersome usernames and passwords as your only means of authenticating customers. We take advantage of something your customers always have with them: their devices. You can recognize trusted devices and use that as a possession factor for authentication. It’s easy to add device-based two factor authentication to your existing system; your good customers will appreciate this easy, frustration-free authentication experience.

  • Prevent account takeovers.

    Our network of fraud analysts and our global collective intelligence behind devices and fraud incidents, provides you with meaningful, timely and relevant insights that let you assess risk factors indicating ATO attacks like device anomalies, spoofing, and evasion. ClearKey gives you these risk insights and an additional, invisible layer of authentication. You can then step-up security measures when new or suspicious devices try to access an account or conduct risky transactions like account changes.

  • Strengthen authentication as risk increases.

    Our two factor, device based authentication is almost intuitive in its detection of risk. It provides you with the critical ingredients of context and risk so you can step up the authentication protocols when called for. Geolocation, true IP address, and risk scores from our global device intelligence platform work together with a powerful rules engine and provide trusted insights to help you stop fraud cold.

  • Avoid unnecessary login challenges.

    Normal changes to a customer’s location or device present absolutely no challenge to ClearKey. Use our fuzzy matching technology; set your own acceptable risk levels and our fuzzy matching technology will adapt to those changes over time.

Effortless authentication using a customer’s own device.

Trust your connections, using the same possession factor of authentication used by Amazon, Google, Blizzard and more.

iovation provides a view of a customers behavior that cannot be found elsewhere. The detail of the data and the ability to tailor rules to suit your desired outcome is an excellent tool for fraud detection and prevention. As well as this , they provide a flexible authentication tool.

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