Just as online and mobile ticket platforms evolve and become more sophisticated, so do the fraud schemes working against them.

As ticket selling becomes more convenient for the end-buyer it also opens up new opportunities for fraud. For instance, the print-at-home feature makes it possible for scammers to buy one ticket with a stolen credit card and then print and sell the ticket multiple times. This is just one of the many ticket fraud scenarios that end up cutting into a retailer’s revenue.

Here are the top three ways iovation sees retailers lose revenue to ticket fraud:


Fighting fraud can take a large chunk of an employee’s time if a company doesn’t have the help of a fraud prevention partner in place. “It can be a challenge for an internal team to stay ahead of fraud without tools that give them insight into the device being used for the purchase. Ticket fraud has to be stopped in the moments before it happens,” said Vice President of Operations, Molly O’Hearn at iovation.


The AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, Texas found themselves dealing with excessive chargebacks due to fraudulent brokers. “We were battling with brokers, who had come out in full force,” said the Director of Ticket Services Jennifer Aprea. “Our finance department would get the chargebacks, and we would put all the paperwork together and try to fight them, but we were losing more than we were winning. We knew something had to change, because what we were doing wasn’t working.”


When customers either don’t get the premium seating they think they’ve paid for, or worse yet, a completely bogus ticket, they can often blame the legitimate ticket seller instead of the fraudulent broker or scammer. This can cause a huge loss of confidence and a hit to a ticket service provider’s reputation. Aprea concurs, “Our patrons, not realizing, that they didn’t buy their tickets directly from the official box office, would blame the Center, which had nothing to do with the transaction. So, there’s a huge customer service component in addition to the financial component.”

A ticket retailer’s revenue and reputation take a hit when targeted by scammers. Loss from fraud doesn’t go away on its own. That’s why it’s vital that retailers know their options when it comes to mobile and online fraud prevention.

“At iovation we provide vital information to our clients about every transaction that touches their site. Our technology identifies each device, including mobile, behind the transaction and whether it, or an associated account, has been flagged as high-risk by our network of global fraud professionals,” said O’Hearn.

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