Connect with experts and find concrete answers to your fraud-fighting questions.

Is your site or app at more risk to mobile traffic or virtual machines?
How can you get even more value from iovation’s global consortium?
If fraudsters don't provide their device details, how can you detect them without affecting your customers’ experience?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll explore during the Learning Labs at our upcoming Fraud Force Summit. These brief, informal sessions were such a hit at last year’s Summit, we’ve doubled the breadth and depth of the material.

At each of the Learning Labs, you’ll get specific answers from our expert staff, network with professional peers from around the world and around your industry, and pick up quick, actionable tips that you can apply as soon as you return to your work.

No registration is required. Just show up with your questions.

Choose The Best Learning Labs For You

Monday 10:30 a.m.
Improve Your Searches With Enhanced Transaction History Reports
If you need to make data-driven decisions while avoiding information overload, you’re going to love our next-generation Enhanced Searching and Transaction History Reporting tool. Discover how to harness these reports’ unprecedented customization and power.

Uncover Suspicious Behavior With Anomaly Rules
Which combinations of device characteristics indicate attempts to evade detection? Learn how to identify high risk or fraudulent transactions with a variety of anomalous behaviors.

Become A Fraud-Fighting Champion
Do you regularly go ‘above and beyond’ in your work? Want to be recognized for it? Find out how we reward world-class champions like you for participating in an array of educational and fun activities.

Monday 12:00 p.m.

Sneak Peek From iovation’s ioLabs Team
As an iovation user, you already combine evidence with the complex graph of device-account associations for one of the most effective fraud-fighting tools available. Get a glimpse into the new APIs iovation's ioLabs team is developing to help you combine more of your data into more insightful graphs.

Connect With The Global Fraud Force Community
If you attend the Fraud Force Summit to share and connect with peers, you’re a natural fit for the Fraud Force Community, exclusively open to iovation users. Members share their experiences and advice on topics ranging from bad email domains to ISPs to devices, and more.

Fight Fraud More Effectively With Evidence
It’s simple: the more evidence of confirmed fraudulent activity you add, the more you help your work, your company, and the fight against fraudsters everywhere. Stop by to discuss the impact and benefit of marking your fraudulent activity in the iovation database.

Monday 2:30 p.m.

Stronger Authentication With Device Intelligence
Vocal customers, industry best practices, and regulatory pressure are pushing you to provide two-factor authentication, but you know full well that negatively impacting the user experience is a non-starter. Did you know that the same underlying technology that you are using to identify devices related to fraud can also recognize devices as an invisible second authentication factor? In this Learning Lab, we’ll show our device-based authentication in action and how it can be applied to your authentication process.

Make The Most of iovation Reports
In your iovation dashboard, you have access to over 18 free reports, ranging from transaction volumes to audits to a digest of suspicious activity. Discover which ones are most helpful to your work.

Get Instant Answers from the Help Center
We’ve completely revamped our help center to support your fraud team. From easy-to-follow instructions to our comprehensive library of training videos to exporting information, we’ve covered it all. Stop by. Ask questions. Help us understand how we can better support you and your team.

Tuesday 10:30 a.m.

Work Smarter And Harder With Compound Rules
Streamline the way you detect and respond to common fraud patterns. Learn how to use compound business rules to evaluate and score transactions with greater control.

Optimizing your Integration
Small errors can have a big impact on your integration’s performance. Meet with the integration engineering team for help assessing and improving your integration. IMPORTANT: Bring html source for the pages iovation is integrated on.

Why Risk Profile Rules Are Integral To Your Strategy
Do you ever wonder how we calculate the final risk score of each transaction? Now’s your chance to find out. Bring your questions and come away with best practices on setting up and leveraging our risk profile rules.

Tuesday 12:00 p.m.

Mobile Anomalies And Solutions
Traffic from mobile devices continues to increase at explosive speed. Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated in exploiting this channel. How are you responding? Come by to discuss mobile fraudsters’ techniques, and the solutions we offer in partnership with Kaspersky.

iovation's Next Top Model: Machine Learning
Prioritize or reduce review queues, increase fraud catch, and improve revenue with our next generation of machine learning models. We’ll cover major use cases, share system design and scoring examples, and answer your questions about our Next Top Model.

Catch More Fraud With Multi-Domain Recognition
How do we collect device information even for users whose browsers are configured to hamper or disable third-party JavaScript? With multi-domain recognition: a unique approach that doubles your protection by providing two ways to collect device information. Learn how to add this new functionality to your integration at no extra cost.

These are just a few of the topics you'll learn about at this year's Fraud Force Summit in Portland, Oregon.

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