Building bi-directional trust with your consumers is imperative to any business and clear communication helps build that trust. You need to be able to trust that a legitimate consumer is on the other end of a transaction. Likewise, consumers need to trust that any transactions with your business will be secured. With this in mind, we have released a number of new features that will enhance communication with your consumers and give additional context and insight into their replies to authorization requests.

We have released updates to the LaunchKey API and corresponding Authenticator and Service SDKs. This release includes significant enhancements to the end-user experience, providing your consumer experience and app designers powerful new options to clearly communicate with your business when they approve or deny an authentication request.

The new features include:

Denial context: Provide your consumers with custom reasons for denying authorization requests, such as “I don’t approve” for non-fraudulent requests or “Unauthorized request” when a request appears fraudulent; allowing you to distinguish for example between a consumer deciding not to continue with a purchase and a fraudster using stolen credentials to make a fraudulent purchase. This gives you additional context into why an authorization request failed so that you better pinpoint malicious behaviors that could be indicative of fraud.

Response classifications for authorization failures or denials: Understanding why an authorization request was denied or failed is important for a number of reasons: optimizing the consumer experience, reducing and mitigating related support issues, and for tracking potential problems or bugs internally. To provide more insight into authenticator failures, LaunchKey authenticators will now return more detailed responses that include both a response type (authorized or not authorized) and reason (fraud, disapproved, system error).

Configurable request expiration times: Set the amount of time after which an authentication request will expire. This can be any amount of time between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. This allows you to dial in your security based on your unique business needs.

Increased customization: We’ve expanded the level of customization for both authorization requests to allow businesses more flexibility. You can now customize the title of all auth requests, along with the ability to create custom text authorization push notification requests. For example, you could send an authorization request to a consumer titled ‘Wire Transfer Authorization Request’, which lists the wire transfer amount that the consumer could then either deny or authorize. Lastly, we have made our authentication factors more configurable so that you can choose which authentication factors your consumers can select. This gives more flexibility in setting up modes of authentication, allowing you to choose whether to let consumers select which authentication methods to use, or you can determine what methods they are allowed to use.

We are continually evolving LaunchKey to help you build bi-directional trust with consumers and strike the delicate balance between security and consumer experience. If you’re interested in learning more about LaunchKey please visit our LaunchKey Multifactor Authentication Solution page.