You may have heard that iovation recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

That milestone seemed like a good opportunity to reflect on our first decade—how we got here and the people who made it possible. We’re incredibly proud that nearly half of our employees have been with us for over five years. Our 10th anniversary seemed like the perfect time to recognize staff members who have been with the company for five or more years.

The challenge for the leadership team became finding a unique way to express their gratitude and acknowledge someone for their years of work. Typically companies offer employees things like mugs, pens or tote bags—that just wasn’t going to cut it.

Molly O’Hearn, iovation’s vice president of operations had a better idea. For years she’d admired the beautiful glass art globes she’d inherited from her great-grandparents. They were beautiful, unique and could really be appreciated by anyone. Like many great searches, hers started online. She followed a trail that eventually lead her to Josh Simpson a contemporary glass artist based in Massachusetts. Simpson has worked with glass for over 40 years. His work has been featured in Scientific American, Boston Magazine and documentaries. He is well-known for his special collection of glass planets.

“I wanted people to come away with something that they would actually appreciate,” said O’Hearn. “A special piece of art that would be kept through the years and add visual beauty to wherever it was displayed.”

The glass globes presented to each employee are each unique and look like their own small, uninhabited worlds. O’Hearn knew she’d found something special to offer as a symbol of thanks and recognition for an employee’s contribution to the company’s success over the years. This year nearly half of all employees were presented with these commemorative globes, personally signed by Simpson.