Your Customer Reported a Lost Mobile Phone – Now What?

You use ClearKey as a transparent factor of authentication for customers logging in to your online site. Their devices are paired, or registered, to their accounts. One of your customers, who accesses his account from his desktop computer, his mobile phone, his tablet, and his game console, has just informed you that he has lost his mobile phone. He is naturally concerned that someone will use that phone too, among other things, try to get into his account. So he wants to remove that mobile phone from his list of authorized devices.

Or perhaps one of your customers logged on to your site from a public computer and automatically checked the “remember me” button. Now he wants to remove that device from his list of authorized devices.

What do you have to do?

Fortunately, it’s pretty simple. Now, in our latest version of ClearKey, all you have to do to remove a device from a customer’s account is to pull up the account in the Intelligence Center. You’ll see all the devices registered to that account, and you will be able to selectively deregister a single device. So after your customer thanks you profusely for protecting their account so easily, all they will have to do is register a new device if necessary. They will continue to have a frictionless experience on any previously-registered devices.

In the past, there was no way to view the individual devices registered to a customer’s account. You’ve always been able to manage customer accounts in the iovation Intelligence Center but the deregistration option only allowed you to deregister all devices on that account, not individual devices. It did accomplish the end goal, but not with the precision we like here at iovation.

You can still easily deregister all devices with one command, but now you also have control over individual devices.

Since we don’t collect any personal information when we perform an account/device registration, the information available to you to identify the device slated for deregistration is the date the device was registered with you, the date it was last used on your web property, and the device type (MAC, Windows, iPhone, Android, etc.) In most cases that’s enough to identify the device that needs to be removed from the account.

This new feature will allow you to identify and configure individual devices that are registered to your customers’ accounts, and it will make for less inconvenience for your customers who may already be suffering through an inconvenient situation.