Launching an application for your brand is a major investment, both during its initial entry to market and while building up your user base. Encouraging repeat success is critical to the success of a new app, and should therefore include authentication that enhances the user experience, versus one that hurts it.

In the seven years since we launched LaunchKey Multifactor Authentication (MFA), one thing remained the same: you could have any interface you wanted for managing your MFA authorization requests, so long as it was ours. Over the years we added a number of customization options requested by customers, and even drastically updated the user interface – but it wasn’t until now that you could fully make the user experience your own.

In response to customer feedback, we have separated the user experience from the secure configuration and authentication process. If you want to quickly bring up a proof of concept or reduce your time to market for providing the beta multifactor authentication product on the market, you can still use the Mobile Authenticator SDK out of the box. However, if you want to fully customize how your users will interact with your mobile authenticator, you now have that flexibility. You can control the layout, actions and user prompts, and we will ensure the most secure and versatile multifactor authentication experience for your consumers.

With this major update also comes a greater ability to scale your app globally. The latest enhancements allow you to customize the multifactor authentication within your app in any language, in any direction, with any character set. This allows you to control all the text the user will ever see. You can now build mobile authenticators in Cyrillic, Cantonese, Arabic, Hebrew, or any other language you need to provide your users with friction-right risk-based multifactor authentication.


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