For too long now, IT security have had little choice but take a 'one-size fits all' approach to securing their applications and customer's sensitive data: batten down the hatches and continuously monitor the network to detect anomalies that might indicate a hacker is trying to get in.

Conversely, that uniform approach also means that your most trusted customers are often left frustrated and have to jump through a lot of hoops to simply log-in to your site, update their account information, or complete a transaction.

This is perhaps why you see a lot of digital ink these days being spilled about 'dynamic authentication' which seeks to find a balance between ensuring security with providing a frictionless experience to consumers.

But what exactly is dynamic authentication and how can you incorporate risk-responsive authentication controls in your brand's online experience?

To answer these and other questions related to this topical subject, Michael Thelander, iovation's Director of Product Marketing will host an hour-long webinar on July 11th at 10AM PST, entitled "Demystifying Dynamic Authentication." Michael will also share his thoughts on:

  • The importance of context in providing the right level of authentication according to the level of risk
  • The need for establishing an authentication experience that is continuous throughout the user’s online journey
  • How authentication tools in the consumer environment need to become complementary, supporting each other as conditions of risk or context change

Interested in learning more? Register here for the webinar. In the meantime, download "Align Authentication with Risk, Reputation and Reward", iovation's latest white paper on dynamic authentication.