Former White House CIO Theresa Payton is set to keynote iovation’s 5th annual user conference, which is shaping up to be our best ever.

I can’t think of a more demanding position in the world when it comes to fending off fraudsters. As the former White House CIO, Ms. Payton knows better than most the importance of leveraging not only comprehensive fraud prevention, but also the power of customer authentication to ensure the best possible experience for trusted customers. That's precisely why she's headlining this year's event.

The keynote will kick off what’s shaping up to be a memorable Fraud Force Summit, scheduled for September 19-21 at the expansive Portland Armory, Center Stage.

Every year, this gathering provides a perfect opportunity for executives and cybersecurity professionals alike to share knowledge about the latest global fraud threats and evasion techniques, and discuss the solutions that are helping businesses successfully identify and stop them. This year, however, we’re shifting things to an entirely new gear.

We’re constructing an event that will focus on how to accelerate -- or "fast-forward" -- the fight against fraud without losing sight of the ever-important user experience through customer authentication. By examining the many various touch points along the customer journey, it’s clear that companies have numerous opportunities to defend their online properties against fraud and simultaneously streamline the experience for the customer.

Registration for this year’s Fraud Force Summit just opened, so be sure to check out all the details at and secure your discounted ticket before the event sells out.

We look forward to seeing your name on the attendee list very soon.