At iovation, we get the opportunity to work with outstanding people who are dedicated to stopping fraud.

One of those people is Leonie Darbon, the Fraud and Credit Strategy, Systems, Projects and Analysis Manager at Dixons Carphone. She's also an iovation Champion and an active member in our community

Dixons Carphone is Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company. Combined with trusted advice and after-sales care, they make the potential of connected technology accessible and affordable for their customers. They employ over 40,000 people in 12 countries, with over 3,000 stores across their various brands. We recently interviewed Leonie to find out more about her and how she helps her company prevent fraud.

How long have you been with Dixons Carphone and what are you responsible for?

I’ve been with the company about 15 months having come from a very similar role in a similar company, Phones 4 U. I am responsible for the strategic management of fraud and bad debt prevention within Carphone Warehouse. I work closely with the Credit Manager to achieve this end. My role incorporates analysis and identification of prevention opportunities as well as the tactical deployment of the best solution through front-end systems. iovation is one of the systems we utilise as part of an API call from our Accertify system.

Tell us about a time you stopped a major fraud ring or individual and how that impacted your business.

One of the most recent fraud series we have prevented was in relation to online purchases of high tier handsets that we saw peaking in three regions across the UK. Reviewing the transactions using fields returned in Accertify from our iovation call, we were able to identify commonalities in the transactions. By identifying the Real IP address through iovation, we could find organisations related to specific mobile network providers. When we combined this with a Yahoo email address and GT1 order placed in the same postal area within 7 days, we identified a 100 percent fraud rate. Retro analysis identified that this fraud pattern had been prevalent within our business for some time and subsequently had a negative impact on clawback rates.

When you are not fighting fraud, what activities do you like to participate in during your free time?

For the past 17 years I have been a season ticket holder at Northampton Town Football Club, an English league 2 club. Most years my husband, Pete, and I say it’s the last year but every year we go back thirsty for more humiliation. I also like going to the theatre and seeing live bands so working in London has been great for that in the past year. I got a Kindle for Christmas from my husband and as a result, another more recent passion has been reading classic literature. Currently I’m reading notes from the underground by Dostoyevsky. I’m also dabbling in genealogy. I’ve only gone back so far to around 1870 but I’ve found it all really fascinating.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I’m reading Dostoyevsky at the minute so I’d love to visit St Petersburg in Russia and go on the Trans-Siberian Railway down to Beijing. I’ve always wanted to see the forbidden city and stand on the Great Wall of China.