The GDPR goes into effect on Friday. If your authentication tools and processes aren’t in compliance by now, you need a solution that balances strong security and simple implementation with the regulation’s mandate for digital privacy. But don’t forget user experience in the process. Keep reading to discover how to satisfy all of those requirements by the deadline.

At iovation, we welcome the GDPR’s assertion of privacy as a consumer right and a corporate social responsibility. We have embraced the challenge of designing fraud prevention and authentication solutions that achieve these goals without sacrificing the customer experience. The question though is, how can we help you with GDPR compliance?

Consider ClearKey, our lightweight two-factor authentication solution. ClearKey uses iovation’s patented device-recognition technology to authenticate visitors without adding customer friction. The result is an easy-to-implement solution that brings you closer to GDPR compliance — fast.

Let’s review five reasons to use ClearKey for last-minute GDPR compliance.

1. No directly identifying personal data required

The GDPR’s requirement for “data minimization” means that organizations should only collect the data necessary for a specific purpose. This reduces the amount of personal information your organization is responsible for protecting. Less data to protect means less impact in the event of a data breach.

ClearKey supports this principle by default. Our device-recognition technology uses hundreds of device attributes and their unique orientation with each other to instantly identify over 5B devices in our database without requiring users’ directly identifying information.

2. Simple, transparent user experience

In the past, stronger security has come at the cost of increased customer friction. Today’s users expect a seamless experience even as the GDPR raises standards for greater data security.

ClearKey satisfies both imperatives. It recognizes and uses the customer’s device as a second factor of authentication. Your customers may choose which devices to associate with their accounts, or you can register accounts and devices on their behalf.

However you choose to implement ClearKey, you’ll improve your customers’ security and experience.

3. Quick, easy implementation

You need something you can implement quickly. We designed ClearKey for quick and easy integration into your user-authentication stack. We’ve made sure it’s compatible with existing authentication solutions, so you can layer it on top of your existing infrastructure quickly.

ClearKey’s lightweight, easy-to-implement SDK can be easily integrated into Apple and Android applications, with white labeling that allows you to completely brand the authentication experience. We support a complete range of web and desktop SDKs to help you improve the security of your desktop and web applications. No need to rip and replace.

4. Risk-aware, Strong Customer Authentication

By adding the second layer of authentication to your legacy system you can achieve strong customer authentication, gaining the security benefits of multifactor authentication without the friction. ClearKey creates a strong bond with the device, and then allows regular and transparent evaluation of risk factors such as:

  • Geolocation and IP mismatch
  • Spoofing, emulators or other detection evasions
  • Jailbroken or rooted devices

The customer experience is improved by allowing strong transparent authentication to operate as a proxy for active authentication so that active challenges can be carried out less often. This allows you to dynamically adapt your authentication in real-time in response to new threat vectors. If the risk is low, transparently authenticate customers without adding friction. If additional security is needed, step up to a more robust MFA solution. (Read more about this in our free ebook MFA for Dummies.)

5. Shuts down account takeover

Most authentication solutions continue to rely on usernames and passwords. Yet time and again we’ve seen how easy it is for criminals to steal, buy, or brute force these credentials — raising the possibility of account takeover (ATO).

The spirit of the GDPR seeks to preserve users’ privacy and the security of their accounts. ClearKey provides powerful risk insight that allows you to assess risk factors indicative of ATO, including device anomalies, spoofing, and evasion. ClearKey adds a second, invisible layer of authentication that drives step-up authentication if new or suspicious devices try to access an account, enhancing your existing authentication procedures without heavy lifting or intense coding.

Are you prepared for the GDPR?

The regulation represents a huge advance for consumer data privacy. At iovation, we’re excited for the improvements in user experience that can be made in tandem with compliance.
Learn more about how we can help you become compliant with the GDPR while delighting your customers on our GDPR compliance resources page.