On Tuesday, Fraud Force presenters shined the spotlight on the importance of the customer experience, and what it will mean for iovation subscribers in the months and years ahead.

The first day of sessions at Fraud Force Summit never disappoints, and Tuesday was no exception. Our presenters leapt right into key topics and collaborative discussions surrounding, in large part, the critical role of the customer experience in evolving authentication and fraud prevention strategies.

iovation's fearless leader, Greg Pierson, began the morning with an examination of the authentication experience, and how iovation's LaunchKey MFA makes it possible for companies to provide a safer experience for customers, while also making their business safer.

Next, our keynote speaker, former White House CIO Theresa Payton, took the Main Stage to offer her truly unique insight into how iovation subscribers - and companies across every industry - can step up defense of their businesses and their brands. From segmenting networks to adding a "kill switch" to halt lightning-fast fraud attempts, Ms. Payton offered a wealth of invaluable information.

Following a quick break, Tiffany Robinson of Synchrony Financial took the stage to illustrate some of the authentication tactics and results in play at Synchrony, followed by a fact-filled discussion about End-to-End Authentication by iovation's Michael Thelander.

The early afternoon breakout sessions covered a full menu of topics including converging security and fraud teams, the art and science of device recognition, and uncovering fraud rings, just to name a few. Greg Pierson, Michael Thelander and LaunchKey's Geoff Sanders then helped to wrap up the afternoon presentations with a fireside chat about the past, present and future of fraud and authentication.

All in all, the day was packed with keen insights and some wonderful comradery, and our presenters absolutely rocked. Which is a theme that continued well into the evening's hosted festivities at 10 Barrel Brewing!

Some of iovation's very own, including Marketing Director Connie Gougler and her band Folsom, rocked it too. Literally!

Check back tomorrow for highlights from today's sessions. Thanks everyone!