Millions of people around the world are gearing up for the big game. And so are fraudsters. Here's how to keep them on the sidelines.

It's an unfortunate fact every year. With tickets for the big game on February 7 costing as much as $10,000 – sometimes more – cybercriminals are getting their game faces on to execute ticketing scams designed to intercept your hard-earned cash.

At iovation, we scrutinize millions of transactions for some of the world’s largest ticketing companies every year, and have learned a thing or two about how consumers can steer clear of “super-sized” ticket fraud that can ruin your game-day experience.

Here are just a few helpful tips to follow:

  • Don’t buy e-tickets —​ Unlike most sporting events and concerts, the big game does not have electronic tickets. Tickets printed from a computer are fake.
  • Get your game ticket before booking travel — Short-selling brokers sell big game tickets without actually having them in hand, then attempt to buy them just before the game when street prices tend to drop. However, if prices go up, consumers who already bought tickets from these brokers may be left empty-handed.
  • Research the seller/broker — See what others have experienced with a seller at the Better Business Bureau. Also, find out if they are a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. NATB members pay 200 percent of a ticket price to consumers if it doesn’t arrive in time for the big game.
  • Use a credit card or PayPal — Protect yourself by using a credit card or PayPal and never use cash or wire a payment. Cash is forever but you can reverse a payment with credit cards and PayPal if you don’t receive the ticket as advertised.
  • Be wary of classified ads, Craigslist or eBay — You take a big chance when buying from an individual selling tickets online. Your probability of running into a scam increases when you deal with an unknown individual.
  • Check the refund policy — Only buy from a ticket reseller that provides clear details about if and how they refund what you paid for a ticket if it doesn’t arrive.

Want to learn more about iovation's Fraud Prevention service and how it helps companies keep the bad guys in check? Download our brand new Fraud Prevention brochure.