Environmental sustainability has become an essential part of doing business responsibly.

At iovation we’ve taken steps to ensure that we do our part to create an environmentally friendly workplace. We’re proud to announce that we recently received a gold level certification with the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work Program.

In 2007, the City of Portland came up with a phenomenal idea: help promote sustainability by creating easy and free access to resources and expertise to businesses that otherwise lacked the environmental know how. Thus, the sustainability at work program was born.

Genevieve Joplin, Director of Sustainability at Work, credits the program’s success to local business owners who are excited to do business in a way that can not only lessen the burden of climate change, but benefit the business as well.

“Businesses are a key player in achieving Portland’s climate action goals,” said Joplin. “Each year, Sustainability at Work helps 1,000 businesses advance green initiatives in their workplace. It’s great to see businesses save money, conserve resources and get recognized for their leadership.”

The city offers different certification criteria for grocery stores, restaurants, retail, and offices which creates an opportunity for each type of business to meet standards specific to their industry.

At iovation some of the practices we’ve implemented include:

  • Ordering from green caterers that deliver lunches by bicycle
  • Composting and recycling
  • Eliminating paper plates and cups by using durable dishware

Some of the resources the Sustainability at Work program offers can be as simple as recycling posters, guides on how to compost at work, and programs to create a carbon neutral office. They also offer printable posters and stickers in five different languages to help employees navigate through the question of what can be recycled.

For more information on how you can get your business certified through the City of Portland Sustainability at Work Program visit their website.