Get ready for two-factor customer authentication with a single-factor customer experience.

It’s certainly no secret that account takeover is a huge problem for a wide range of businesses. In one example, Fitbit just recently discovered that fraudsters were using stolen passwords to access the accounts of legitimate users so they could submit phony warranty claims and request replacement products.

There are thousands of stories like this across every industry on the planet, which, to us, clearly illustrates that the time has come for companies to implement strong multi-factor customer authentication without affecting the customer experience. Not surprisingly, authentication is one of this year's top cybersecurity trends.

Many companies continue to rely solely on single-factor, password-based authentication which, according to some, is fast becoming obsolete due to the fact that it provides only limited security. Stepping up to stronger, two-factor authentication, however, often creates the friction that damages the overall experience for customers.

This is where device-based authentication comes into play.

An Invisible Layer of Defense

With device-based customer authentication, businesses can add an irrefutable 2nd factor of authentication that’s invisible to the customer and won’t impact their experience whatsoever. As a result, companies get the two-factor protection they need while streamlining the experience for customers, all without requiring personally identifiable information.

Join Us at RSA to Learn More

In March, we’ll be making our RSA debut at the RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco, so be sure to stop by our booth to learn how iovation’s device-based customer authentication can deliver exceptionally strong security for your company without adding friction to your users’ experience.

Authentication solutions are at the very core of our business at iovation, and we look forward to leading the conversation in the weeks and months ahead.