After all the mergers and acquisitions that we saw in 2017, you’d think 2018 would be a bit quieter. Clearly that’s not the case.

Sure, the pressure created by the rising number of gambling operators and platforms will be alleviated somewhat by two forecasts for a larger marketplace: first, Google’s announcement that it will allow real-money play for English, French and Irish users on its Play Store; second, the possibility that more countries may legalize some form of online gambling and several US states including California, New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania all have legislation pending to legalize online gambling in some form.

Nevertheless, everyone in the industry has to face a new reality; one where competition is tougher and more numerous.

Now for another variable: players’ expectations. Their adoption of mobile devices reached a tipping point in 2016. Since then, they’ve come to expect a seamless experience across platforms and devices.

Transaction data collected and analyzed from over 100 gambling operators and platform providers show that more players are logging into their favorite gaming sites from multiple device types - however, that hardly means they want a different experience for each device.

In general terms, the signal is clear; operators must prioritize their players’ experience.

The tone of their visit to your digital property will be established in their first few seconds: before they can place a bet; before they can check an account balance; before they can choose the next game or match to bet on. That begins with a transparent, frictionless authentication experience.

Want specifics? Our 2018 iovation Gambling Report gives great detail about how modern online gambling operators are innovating to grab more market share in several nuanced ways.

  • They’re offering additional incentives to VIP players based on predictions of each individual’s forecast trustworthiness or risk, even without a history of play.
  • They’re changing the perception of the fraud department from a cost center to a data enrichment service for marketing and product development.
  • They’re abbreviating the authentication process for trusted players, so that highly valued group can begin playing sooner.

Questions? Register for our webinar on February 28th where yours truly alongside our resident online gambling expert, David Kicks, will discuss the report findings, discuss our 2018 forecast for the online gambling industry and answer your questions.