We often get asked if our device-based intelligence services protect mobile transactions as well as other Internet-enabled devices. The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, assessing risk on mobile transactions has been part of our platform for years.

As more and more consumers access websites and apps across their smartphones, laptops and tablets, it was only expected that financial services would also evolve. Banking customers want access to their accounts 24/7 whether or not a physical branch is nearby. The ability to manage accounts at any time, no matter the device used, is highly valued and saves both consumers and financial institutions time and money.

One of the capabilities customers value the most, is the ability to take an image of a check and deposit it using a financial institution's app. This is called remote deposit capture (RDC) and we've pulled together some information about RDC, the fraud risks that banks face, and how iovation helps financial institutions protect against fraud and abuse related to this convenient service.