What is new in iOS 9? How will the new features affect usage models?

Apple just announced their new products (iPhone 6s, Apple TV) at the Apple Special Event in San Francisco last week. As mentioned in the event, Apple will make the new version of iOS 9 available on September 16th this week. Our mobile team has been following the release and testing with the preview version. The updated iovation mobile SDK for iOS will be available on September 19th.

iOS 9 provides improved user experience and supports important new use cases. This release will help spur greater adoption of the iOS platform for digital transactions. Key new features for iPhone and iPad include:

  • Universal Links that allows seamless deep linking from web pages into mobile apps.
  • Greater data integrity via secure digital channels that leverage VPN and HTTPS connections.
  • Keychain Access Control lists that combine the local credentials from Touch ID and passcode.
  • Graphical and functional enhancements to the Metal and ModelIO multiplayer games to improve user experience and drive more revenue.

The iovation fraud prevention solution spans multiple industries. Our customers rely on our services to enhance user experience and security. Mobile platforms continue to evolve at a phenomenal pace, and it is critical that m-commerce applications adapt. According to Digi Capital, mobile app commerce is expected to grow from $300B in 2014 to $850B by 2018. As revenue from mobile channels grows rapidly, fraud is certain to follow. The iovation mobile SDK provides device intelligence and fraud protection across mobile channels for millions of consumers.