Like many technology companies, we take great pride in our work and seek recognition by applying for industry awards, for which we have won many over the years.

So imagine our surprise and delight when one of our customers recently informed us that they had nominated us on our behalf for their internal award program and that we had won?

Admiral, one of the largest car insurance providers in the UK, has been an iovation customer since 2016. They recently informed us that they nominated iovation for their 'Supplier of the Year' award program, which they use to recognize key partners and suppliers who further their mission 'to give great service and value for money to as many people as possible.'

Admiral is one of iovation's early customers in the insurance industry so we are particularly proud to have received this recognition. As fraudsters set their sights on a variety of insurance schemes like ghost brokering, insurance firms like Admiral have been relying on technologies like device intelligence to identify fraudulent transactions across their customer touch points.

Stephen Adams, Fraud Solutions Strategist for Admiral said of this award: "iovation has been an essential component of our fraud prevention strategy these past several years. The iovation FraudForce platform p​rovides us with a critical intelligence that informs our decisions about a variety of risks including ghost brokering, application fraud, identity theft and account takeover. But beyond their technology, what really stood out for us and one of the primary reasons why we honoured iovation as our Supplier of the Year is their deep commitment to a high touch customer service experience, which elevates iovation from just another vendor to being a valued partner that we hope to work with for many years ahead."