Fischer International Identity, the leader in cloud and on‐premise identity management and governance solutions, has expanded Fischer Authenticator™ MFA capabilities with iovation’s next generation multifactor authentication technology, LaunchKey. Fischer will now be able to provide multifactor authentication capabilities to their higher education customer base to ensure secure online accounts.

Chief Operating Officer, Dan Dagnall says, “Customers need more than just multifactor authentication during this age and state of cybersecurity. Enhancing our relationship with iovation does just that by providing our customers with granular authentication services that include the necessary components for securing their Identities. Fischer’s integration provides password‐less authentication or 5‐factors of identity verification to our customers to help them secure their most sensitive processes. Whether onboarding new users or resetting passwords, our ability to provide enhanced, risk‐based multifactor authentication workflows allows for the global governance of any user attempting to access the identity management ecosystem.”

Dangnall continues, “Fischer’s authentication and identity verification process empowers organizations to eliminate secret questions from their identity verification processes. Given the evolving landscape in IAM, Fischer is proud to lead the forefront of new trends in the identity proofing and verification process. It’s time to usher in the next generation of authentication technology, and Fischer Identity is ready to secure customers, worldwide.”

LaunchKey provides stronger security for both the business and the consumer while delivering an authentication method that your customers will actually like to use. The integration of LaunchKey into the Fischer Authenticator creates a highly engaging user experience while maintaining the strong security needed.

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