Today, gambling operators are tasked with protecting players and managing self-exclusion.

Unfortunately, this has gotten more complex as players maneuver their way through multiple operator sites, and continue to activate new accounts under various identities and/or payment methods. Operators must therefore proactively identify players that have self-excluded in order to provide socially responsible gaming platforms and maintain their reputations within the industry.

To this end, financial crime prevention platform TruNarrative has partnered with TransUnion to help gambling operators around the world navigate managing self-excluded players, while guiding them through the gambling industry’s changing regulatory landscape. This is outlined in our recent webinar, Upping the Ante with Device Intelligence, featuring TransUnion, TruNarrative and joint customer BetConstruct. In this webinar panelists discuss the key integration points for best managing self-exclusion, explore how device intelligence has positively impacted their ability to identify players, and outline how to provide a stellar user experience. During the webinar we also polled the audience of gaming operators, asking them to identify their biggest fraud risks and concerns. 64% stated that managing self-excluded players is a top concern, with 60% citing identity theft as one.

Through TruNarrative’s single API, operators can now implement a layered approach that includes know-your customer (KYC), device recognition and identity verification (IDV) at key integration points such as login, cashouts, and deposits, relieving much of the complexity that gambling organizations face today. And with continuous changes in regulation and the cost of acquisition increasing, it is important for operators to implement friction-right methods that allow for effective device recognition in a way that doesn’t burden the user experience for good customers.

To learn more about managing self-excluded players via device recognition from our panel of experts, view the full webinar: Upping the Ante with Device Intelligence