As data breaches continue to hit big retailers like Home Depot and Target, customers and businesses alike feel the sting of sensitive data like credit card account numbers being stolen.

No one expects the number of major breaches to decrease in the coming years. It will be an ongoing challenge for businesses to not only protect themselves and their customers from hackers, but also to prevent fraudulent use of personal data.

In a post that touched on 2015 predictions, our strategic partner Imperva predicted that, “2015 could be the year when merchants in the US revolt against the credit card companies’ policy of sticking them with both the liability for fraud and the responsibility for protecting what is essentially un-protectable…” and that it could also be the year that “...consumers revolt at the prospect of having to change their credit card numbers so often.”

The point they make about consumer dissatisfaction with credit card churn really resonates with me. Of course nobody enjoys the logistical hassle of cycling through credit card numbers. But in a world driven by an ever-increasing need for productivity, competing priorities, and the distractions of always being connected, it’s important to consider a broader view. If it takes us more time, we don’t want to do it. This even extends to things like adding challenge questions to verify identity during an online transaction. Customer experience is king, and the customer wants speed and convenience.

Card issuers recognize the need for security and fraud prevention that doesn’t create additional friction for customers. They look for solutions that reduce fraud losses (protecting their own interests and those of their cardholders) and improve the operational efficiency of their fraud review team. If card issuers can add protection that does not slow down a transaction, or better yet is transparent to the user, everybody wins. In an economy that has moved largely online and barely looked back, a greater assurance of security that does not impact our daily lives will help card issuers stand out from the pack and enjoy improved customer loyalty and retention.