Mobile Transactions on the Rise

It makes sense. When you have time to play a few rounds of poker or make a bet on a race, you are not at home, you are on the move – whether on the train, on your lunch break or waiting for your buddies to meet you for a pint – you are relying on your phone or tablet to win a few bucks.

It’s no surprise we’ve reached the mobile igaming tipping point – in 2016, nearly 60% of all transactions in the iGaming industry originated from a mobile device, a trend that will continue to grow. Now it’s up to gambling operators and platform providers to be agile, stay ahead of the trend, and protect their business, bottom line and customers from the threats that face the mobile channel. So where should you focus your efforts? Well, we’ve seen a significant decline in transactions originating from windows and conversely, we are seeing a rapid growth in iOS. Google Play has yet to allow for real-money gambling apps to be published in their store, moving players to the Apple Store to get their favorite gaming apps.

That’s not it. We’ve found three key trends that will hit the online gambling industry. Download the iovation Gambling Trends Report.

As legitimate players rely heavily on their mobile device, fraudsters will (and have) move their efforts to that channel. Are you ready? Do you have a plan in place? If not, now is the time. And remember, you have to protect your players at all parts of the journey – as they create accounts, log in, place bets, make deposits, withdrawals and make adjustments to their account details. It’s up to you to keep them protected at all parts of their journey – and the more they feel protected, the more they will return, stay around longer, place higher bets and become ambassadors for your brand. iovation has helped gambling companies, such as Paf and PlayCherry prevent fraud, streamline the customer experience, and protect players on all devices they chose to use, including mobile.

Check back for our next post, highlighting another trend – emerging markets.