Everyone's talking about it, the media isn't shy about covering it, but the question remains, "What the heck is it?"

I’ve been to a couple industry events lately where the people approaching our booth would squint up at our signage and say, “What is this Customer Authentication you’re talking about?”

An interesting question! That’s when I get to tell them Customer Authentication is really a problem, a product, and even a promise, all wrapped into a single discussion.

I know what you’re thinking: “Huh?”

Allow me to elaborate…

The Customer Authentication Problem
First off, for in-depth answers to this and many other questions on this topic, check out our upcoming webcast, Authentifusion, which is coming up on March 22nd at 7am and 10am Pacific time. Now, on to the question at hand.

In a nutshell, the problem is this:

  • If CyberSecurity V1 was “Holy cow, look at all the holes we have!” and CyberSecurity V2 was developing the technologies and frameworks to fix them, then CyberSecurity V3 is the notion that all our infosec tools need to work hand-in-hand with the needs of end users…especially in the vast realm of consumer e-commerce
  • Unfortunately, many businesses are still relying on old, intrusive and often painful technologies to authenticate customers. These include complex and cumbersome passwords that should never be reused, tokens and captchas and KBAs (oh my!), all conspiring to create poor and frustrating customer experiences

This leads us to the root issue:

How can we expedite web experiences (and create happier customers) without sacrificing good security?

The Customer Authentication Product
Lucky for us, iovation has been in the business of accurate, highly detailed device recognition for 12 years. We arguably have the best web-based platform for recognizing devices that’s ever been deployed.

To date, it has been used primarily by fraud prevention teams, where it:

  • Protects more than 1,500 global brands
  • Tracks 3 billion suspected fraudulent devices and browsers worldwide
  • Monitors approximately 15 million transactions a day, and
  • Screened more than 4 billion online transactions last year alone!

Now, our device recognition is the very technological backbone of our Customer Authentication offering, which provides a seamless SaaS-based authentication solution that makes it possible for companies to provide security and a great customer experience.

Download the data sheet to get all the details.

The Customer Authentication Promise
We can’t make passwords go away overnight, so finding and maintaining a healthy balance between good security and exceptional user experience is a multi-faceted challenge that involves:

  • Solution providers like us who care deeply about cybersecurity and the promise of online commerce
  • Brand managers and product owners of customer-facing sites who understand the benefits that come with providing that great experience, and
  • Even consumers, who should reward the service providers and stores that provide them with a better (passwordless, yet secure) experience

With all these actors working together, we can step into a future where challenge of customer authentication is no longer an obstacle to our goals.

Watch the Webinar
To learn more the authentication landscape and this rapidly evolving field that brings together the needs of both information security and fraud prevention teams, please watch our webinar "Authentifusion: Clarifying the Future of User Authentication."