BSides San Diego is in the books...but the battle is just beginning.

This past weekend, I attended the inaugural BSides San Diego event, which was a rousing success. It truly is a monumental effort to put on a free community event like BSides, so kudos to the many volunteers for a truly fantastic job.

One thing is certain: I have a much better understanding of information security, which will absolutely make me a better developer, architect, and presenter.

During the conference, I was reminded of the importance of security awareness and understanding. Mind you, I’m not referring to the public, but rather to the computer science community of which I am a proud member. As architects, engineers, and developers, it is our responsibility to make every effort to protect everyday human beings from the forces that would exploit them. With that responsibility comes a need to truly understand the impact a security breach could have on the users of our products. So many in the computer science community are under-informed of the impact their day-to-day decisions make on the lives of people around the globe.

Before coming to iovation, I too was blissfully unaware of the real and mounting threat posed by hackers and fraudsters. To me, I was just writing code. Security best practices were merely another facet of design that I took at face value and implemented as instructed. I did what was necessary to pass whatever standards were required: SEC, SOX, HIPPA, PCI, etc., yet I never truly understood why the practices were so important. I never made the connection to how the code I wrote could affect the lives of so many.

In the coming year, I will be traveling the globe to make the world a safer place. My mission is to inform my colleagues of the role they play as the guardians of the safety and security enjoyed by the rest humanity. I will help them understand the level of trust the users of our products place in us regarding their personal safety.

In short, I will show them the very human side of our profession.

The Red Team is out there. They are well informed, and keenly focused on the task at hand. They depend on our ignorance and apathy to succeed. The struggle is real and the Blue team is weak. Let’s change that together. Let’s all prepare.

The Red Team is coming!