Wondering what other fraud professionals are doing to keep ahead? Looking for best practices to drive down fraud? Curious about what’s coming next for FraudForce and our other products?

Then you should attend Fraud Force London June 4-6, 2018!

Still on the fence? Then read 10 more reasons to participate.

  1. Hear from industry-leading experts on how they are taking device technology to the next level. We’re all in the same fight against fraud. If we work together, we can raise the cost of committing fraud so high that we will put a sizeable portion of fraudsters out of business. That’s why we bring together these industry experts: to share their trials and triumphs, and to ‘seed’ more candid, productive conversations between attendees.
  2. Meet and network with fraud and security professionals from around the world. This is a chance for you to look up from your screens and investigations, and meet your peers in the fight against fraud. These are the people whose evidence in our Intelligence Center you’ve come to trust. It’s very likely that you could attribute a busted fraud scheme worth tens of thousands of Euros to one or more of your fellow attendees. There is no other place in Europe where you have this opportunity to mingle in a focused and collaborative space with so many of your professional colleagues.
  3. Earn ongoing education credit towards your Certified Fraud Examiner license. If you’re a CFE looking to get continuing education credits, then why not take advantage of this special opportunity? Submit the summit’s detailed agenda to the CFE for the chance to gain credit. No one said that expanding your professional skill set had to be limited to a classroom experience.
  4. Glimpse into the future of machine learning, omni-channel fraud prevention, what’s in store with GDPR, and more. As a fraud professional, you have a lot of overlapping domains to track. It can get overwhelming to keep up, especially since advances in each domain seem to be occurring at an accelerated rate. Relax. We’ve got you covered. Each of our talks will get you up to speed quickly and leave you with the essential next steps for your team. Just be sure to take good notes.
  5. Have fun! Enjoy an evening of food, drinks and socializing at The Booking Office. This will be a night to remember. We’ll move the conversation to one of London’s most historic venues for a private event that will make everyone else on your team jealous. While you’re enjoying the modern English cuisine, you’ll get to engage with our speakers and your fellow attendees in a more relaxed environment. In the past, we’ve heard from countless attendees how these after-hours events turned out to be one of the most valuable parts of the summit.
  6. Get a tour of the dark web from Jamie Bartlett, author, journalist and tech blogger for The Telegraph. Jamie will give a behind-the-scenes look at the latest developments on the darknet and how cyber criminals are using them to commit payment fraud and identity theft. He’ll dive deep into the likely evolution of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and how they will be employed by cyber criminals. Lastly, learn how criminals are using artificial intelligence and ‘automated crime,’ and what you can do in response.
  7. Get a complementary signed copy of ‘The Dark Net’ by Jamie Bartlett. Recognized as Book of the Year by the Independent and New Statesman, a Best Book of 2015 by National Public Radio, and Notable Nonfiction of 2015 by the Washington Post, Bartlett tours the reader through a vast, opaque network of sites, communities, and cultures where freedom is abused, identities are illusory, and anyone can do anything. Rich with historical context and acute reporting, The Dark Net takes an unflinching look at a world that doesn’t want to be seen.
  8. Share knowledge and expertise with others in your industry. Is a new fraud tactic bumping up your fraud rate? You’re likely to meet another attendee who has encountered the same scheme and would love to troubleshoot a solution. This is where your professional tribe congregates, not just to exchange knowledge, but to forge relationships. You’ll come away brimming with energy and support to take the fight to fraudsters clamoring at your doorstep.
  9. Learn what’s in store for iovation and the next generation of fraud and security. We listen to every question you pose to your account manager, every comment you make in the Fraud Force Community, every hack you use to get more out of our products. The very best ideas get integrated into our roadmap and released to the entire community. We’ll be introducing you to the results of that feedback loop, inviting your responses and suggestions, and showing how you can sharpen your abilities.
  10. Engage with iovation staff and learn from their experience in the field. Your account manager is only ever an email or phone call away. Here’s your chance to meet him or her face to face and build on that relationship. Not only that, but you’ll meet other staff who help your account manager to deliver the world-class support you’ve come to expect. We’re all invested in your success. We would love to meet you!

Join us at Fraud Force London June 4-6, 2018!