As iovation’s network of customers and partners continues to expand, we’re always looking at how we can create more opportunities for our members to connect in ways that make a difference.

Our Fraud Force Community is a virtual space that clients use for education, collaboration and gaining insight on current frauds. We’ve found that, wisely, people in the fraud prevention industry like to know who they’re doing business with. Meeting people face-to-face, establishing real-life connections is an important component of building trust and useful peer relationships. That’s why we’re committed to hosting user groups. We want fraud prevention team members across industries to have the chance to meet and swap stories.

Not convinced that a user group is right for you? Here are five reasons we think you should attend one.

1. Share best practices

Do you ever wonder if the approach you’ve taken is the best one? Talk to your user group peers about benchmarks and best practices to confirm or change the strategy you’ve chosen. Our community members are willing to share tactics like which business rules have been successful, when they place evidence and how they use the data to catch more fraud.

2. Great networking possibilities

Connecting face-to-face with peers who understand the challenges you face helps build a great professional support network. Meeting people at different stages of their career, and levels of expertise, can be extremely helpful when you need advice or are trouble-shooting an issue. At our user groups we see fraud managers to executive members come together and offer advice on a variety of different topics.

3. Get questions answered

Chances are if you have a question, not only do other people have a similar one, but someone in the group very likely has the answer. The power of meeting with people using the same service means you get to tap into a deep knowledge base. Everyone helps each other out. Our clients support each other by answering a wide range of questions and sharing current fraud risks.

4. Find out how the technology can do more for you

User groups provide insight into the innovative ways your peers use the same service or software. Collaboration and idea sharing can help you apply technology in ways that hadn’t occurred to you yet. You can build on the innovation of your peers and then share what you’ve discovered. We’ve found that fraud managers attend user group meetings ready to collaborate and share how they’ve deployed iovation into their fraud platform.

5. Influence future development

Customer feedback is extremely important when it comes to a service or product. Suggestions from user group members is especially relevant because companies understand that these power users are committed to the product and want to improve and stay up-to-date with current needs. If you want to influence the direction of a product, a user group is a great way to do that. We love talking to our clients at user groups about their upcoming needs and how we can help them stay ahead of the fraudsters.

6. Bonus—Fraudsters work together so should fraud fighters

In the world of fraud prevention user groups have the added benefit of combining knowledge to stop the bad guys. The more information that can be shared, the more likely it is that the bad guys can be stopped across industries. It’s important that virtual crime fighters band together against fraud.

Ready to join us, have some fun, and learn a lot?

There are two remaining user groups in 2014 – an Insurance User Group and a Sportsbook User Group. We are kicking off the New Year with our annual European User Group on February 2nd at the Tower Hotel in London. Find out more about iovation’s user groups.