At iovation we like to say that every device tells a story. Has this device been seen before? Has it ever been associated with a fraudulent transaction?

Within each connected device - be it a laptop, a phone, a tablet or even a gaming console - reside dozens of attributes that like a genetic marker, can tell you something about both its history and its future. This is the essence of what we call 'device reputation' in which these attributes -- everything can collectively tell us a great deal about the relative risk of a given device and the likelihood that a fraudulent transaction might occur.

On October 4th at 10AM PST, iovation's director of product marketing and resident device reputation expert, Michael Thelander will host a webinar entitled: "Does that device smell fishy? Why device risk is an essential element for your MFA strategy" that will explore how organizations across an array of industries can leverage device intelligence to ascertain risk and how this risk profile can be integrated into a robust multifactor authentication strategy.

In this webinar, Michael will show how device attributes are collected, analyzed, and correlated to other devices and accounts in order to determine a risk profile which can help indicate the presence of criminal activity and how that can be incorporated into your most critical frontline defense: identity authentication.

Interested in learning how device reputation can help bolster your fraud prevention and authentication strategy?