After a data breach occurs at a company, it opens up risk where personal data for customers may be compromised and used for sophisticated cybercrime by fraudsters. As a result, consumers are not only at risk but so are enterprises outside of the company that was breached. This means businesses need to protect customers during the on-boarding process as well as during online transactions to keep their business safe. Implementing measures like Know Your Customer (KYC) processes to ensure businesses’ exposure to enterprise fraud and risk is minimized is essential in such an environment.

4Stop, a global leader in real-time KYC, compliance and anti-fraud technology, recently partnered with iovation for a webinar to discuss today’s continuous technology advancements, the many devices consumers use to transact and the resulting vulnerabilities from modern fraudsters. The webinar, Enhance Digital Identity From the Device Up, explores how leveraging iovation’s global consortium of device intelligence provides enhanced fraud prevention for enterprises.

From account origination to high risk online transactions, the deep insights about device risk and shared fraud reputation reports within the iovation consortium provide a powerful line of defense after a breach occurs. While putting up a wall is great for stopping fraud, businesses also need to make online engagements user friendly and trustworthy. Device reputation enhances digital profiling and fraud behavior mapping to withstand fraud while increasing trust for every customer journey.

To learn more of how your business can be impacted by implementing device intelligence watch here.