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A Seamless Two-Factor Authentication Solution

Today, most companies continue to rely on cumbersome usernames and passwords as their only means for authenticating customers. Our ClearKey service can be easily added to your existing process without adding customer friction. It provides customers with an invisible, hassle-free web experience by recognizing and using their device as a second factor of authentication. Double your protection with our advanced two-factor authentication (2FA) solution.

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Identifying and Registering Devices

iovation’s patented device matching technology offers two-factor authentication by verifying a user’s identity by matching device fingerprints with a high degree of accuracy and explicitly pairing known good Device IDs with the user's account. Your customers can choose to indicate which devices they want to be associated with an account and used at login, or you can register accounts and devices automatically on behalf of your customers to provide a seamless experience.

Authenticate Accurately Over Time

Other device-based two-factor authentication systems simply cannot keep track of the natural drift caused by updates, new apps, or even new fonts. iovation’s fuzzy matching technology takes expected changes into account to minimize unnecessary “negative” responses and create “acceptable risk” boundaries. As a result, you can maintain a high level of authentication accuracy over time and reduce consumer challenges.

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Minimizing Customer Friction

ClearKey two-factor authentication works side-by-side with your existing systems to reduce the number of challenges put in front of your customers. iovation's patented recognition technology uses hundreds of device attributes and their unique orientation with each other to instantly identify a device without the need for the user’s personally identifiable information.

Measuring Change

ClearKey two-factor authentication provides a range of insights to show you whether the device is an exact match or if there have been changes to the device. Simply select what level of change is acceptable for your business. Some of the elements include:

  • Browser
  • Operating
  • Language
  • Software
  • Location &
    IP Address

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