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Our community is not just a forum to connect, collaborate and share information 24/7. It’s an ongoing security patrol and your exclusive key to the latest information, trends, best practices and educational materials to keep you up-to-date with fraud prevention and customer authentication solutions.

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What is our community up to?

Fraud and security professionals unite at events throughout the year to discuss combating threats like account takeover fraud, CNP fraud and credit card fraud, and also share ideas for leveraging device intelligence, multifactor authentication, and machine learning to protect their business and streamline the customer experience. Fraud Force Summit, our main event, is a can't-miss for the entire community.

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Our global clients have quickly realized that no matter what region of the world they come from or the business they are in, there is much to learn from one another about fighting fraud. Here’s just one example of a discussion and the participants involved.

The Fraud Force Community site has proved to be a wealth of information. I’ve collaborated with fellow Fraud Force Community members and shared relevant news with the community at large. I look forward to opening the page each morning to see what’s new.

Michelle Cochran
NASA Federal Credit Union

3,500+ Members and Growing

Conversations, meetings and peer-to-peer discussions shouldn’t stop after a professional event. Your security challenges never stop and now you can enjoy ongoing discussions within our fraud expert community whenever you want. We have over 3,500 fraud professionals leveraging iovation’s consortium and providing the opportunity to have a variety of conversations. What are you waiting to start your conversation?

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