Protecting online brands since 2004

We were founded in 2004 with the belief that the internet should be a safe place for people to do business. This thought has inspired us, guided us and pushed us forward, attracting some very exceptional clients, and an exceptional service team. We’ve grown in other areas as well; from a startup to an industry leader to joining with TransUnion. Still, we’re hungry to be the very best. We approach our work every day with a feeling of ownership, boldness, excellence and a belief that anything’s possible. Especially a safer internet.

Total Transactions Protected
54 billion

We have protected over 54 billion customer transactions since 2004.

Total Fraud Attempts
83 million

Our customers and analysts have contributed 83 million reports of fraud and abuse attempts.

Fraud Attempts Blocked Daily

We prevent an average of 700,000 fraudulent transactions from taking place every day.

Recognized excellence.

Our peers and connections know and appreciate what we’re all about, and our benefits to brands and industries around the world.

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Help us make the internet a safer place to do business in.

Do you find yourself yearning to make the world a bit nicer and safer? If you’re looking for fascinating problems and challenges waiting to be solved, then you won’t find a better place to land than with us.


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