In today’s ever-changing online eco-system that encompasses continuous technology advancements, multiple end-user device implementations and vulnerability to modern fraudsters, the usability of smart technology, like device intelligence and multi-layered KYC are paramount for efficient and successful risk mitigation on a global scale.

4Stop and iovation; leaders passionate about making online engagements not only user-friendly but secure and trustworthy, discuss the importance and benefits device intelligence and enhanced KYC brings to customer engagement and fraud defense.

At a Glance:

Section 1: Landscape: A review of the global eCommerce and online engagement trends.

Section 2: Identity Fraud: It’s a growing concern and leaves 7.3 Billion users online vulnerable.

Section 3: Device ID to Support: How to utilize device intelligence to best combat fraud.

Section 4: KYC & Consumer Trust: Have confidence in your customers with a multi-factor verification process.

Section 5: Benefits to VaaS: Integrating with a VaaS solution dramatically improves operations.

Section 6: Proven Results: A look at the numbers on fraud reduction and cost-savings.