In 2018 we saw 223,000 reports of self-exclusion from over 100 gambling operators, and 795,000 devices were linked to those reports.

Fast forward to now, we have partnered with financial crime platform & decision engine TruNarrative to detect fraud and improve consumer authentication using our device reputation and behavioral insights. TruNarrative customers can now access TransUnion's extensive collaborative fraud prevention network, building a layered approach that complements more traditional methods of verification.
The panel of experts featured in this eBook includes Compliance Manager David Webb from BetConstruct, Head of Partnerships Gavin Barker from TransUnion, and Head of Gaming Adam Doyle from TruNarrative. Inside, they discuss:

  • Current trends within the gambling industry’s rapidly changing fraud environment
  • How to manage self-exclusion at key integration points of the consumer journey
  • How to protect good customers while keeping the bad guys out
  • The impact businesses have seen by implementing device intelligence
  • How to best leverage fraud detection and prevention solutions to identify good consumers and authenticate players