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iovation Detects and Prevents Fraud

Since 2004, iovation has amassed a database of billions of devices enabling our clients to stop millions of fraud attempts. Our fraud prevention software can instantly assess any Internet-enabled devices risk level and check if it has a history of fraudulent behavior, so you can differentiate cybercriminals from your customer's.

Our device-based fraud prevention service allows your business to leverage the power of over 55 million known fraud events such as phishing scams, credit card fraud, account takeovers and identity theft.

How does iovation Fraud Detection and Prevention Work?

Within approximately 100 milliseconds, iovation’s fraud detection and prevention solution FraudForce will tell you which devices pose a risk to your business, so you can stop cybercriminals and fraud before it happens.

Our fraud detection systems identify devices when an end user’s device interacts with your website or mobile app through specified integration points (e.g. login, checkout, account creation, account registration).

When a customer visits your site, our fraud protection software service instantly collects information about the device they are using. We evaluate the device for patterns that suggest fraud, and a deny, allow or review recommendation is returned, all in about a tenth of a second.

“Since we have iovation integrated at login, their device intelligence helps us stop fraudsters before they ever get into an account and do any damage. There’s nothing we like more than shutting down a fraudster. All in all, we’ve reduced fraud by 75% and our operational efficiency and customer experience have improved greatly.”

ANGELA BIENER Chief Operating Officer / nTrust

iovation Global Device Fraud Protection Platform

The underlying fraud protection platform is a database that contains intelligence on 5 billion devices from every country in the world along with the billions of associations that exist between them, making it the largest device intelligence database in the industry.

Every day, thousands of fraud professionals from countries around the world in financial services, insurance, ecommerce, gaming, telecommunications, ticketing, social and dating sites contribute new instances of fraud and abuse.  

Over 55 million fraud and abuse reports, including identity theft, credit card fraud, promotion abuse, and account takeover, benefit the entire iovation fraud prevention community.

Every fraud prevention professional involved in our fraud detection service, representing more than 36,000 online brands across 6 continents and 51 countries, is motivated to maintain the highest quality of evidence placement to stop repeat offenders and gain valuable, actionable insights.

B&H Photo Identified Thousands in Fraud Loss Using Real IP

A Proven Fraud Detection Platform For Scoring Fraud Risk

Would you like to predict the outcome of any given online transaction, even if you have absolutely no knowledge of the customer involved in the transaction?   With iovation's SureScore service you can, with our predictive transaction insight using advanced machine learning!

Our real-time machine learning analytics are continuously monitoring billions of global transactions, looking for subtle device, transaction, and account patterns that predict fraudulent behavior.

By analyzing device, transaction, contextual, and behavioral indicators,  SureScore can predict if a transaction can be trusted or will eventually become fraudulent. Using this intelligence, you can offer additional incentives to your best customers, block fraudsters, and prioritize your manual review queues.

Machine Learning Fraud Detection & Prevention Intelligence Software

How do you know if transactions from online visitors are trustworthy, even if you have never seen them before? Using advanced machine learning algorithms, SureScore analyzes millions of transaction and attribute permutations from billions of transactions to create a single score that predicts the riskiness or trustworthiness of the transaction. And it’s all done in real time to provide you with immediate, actionable insight.

SureScore takes into consideration data points such as the past behavior of a device or account, device attribute risks, geolocation mismatches, and whether it’s associated with other groups of devices and accounts, just to name a few.

SureScore is an adaptive, real-time score – using machine learning algorithms to detect subtle, global behavioral, context, and attribute patterns from devices, transactions, and accounts – that continuously protects you from new fraud trends.

“We’ve learned to pay close attention to a select group of iovation’s clients that supply the most relevant evidence for our needs. Their criteria for bonus abuse may be different from ours, but credit card fraud always means an unwelcome player.”

MAGDALENA GNIADZIK-JOHANSSON Head of Payments and Fraud / Cherry Group

Combat Mobile Fraud With iovation Fraud Detection & Prevention Solutions

With the use of mobile devices skyrocketing around the world, a strong defense against mobile fraud is absolutely critical to a comprehensive fraud detection and prevention strategy.

Our award-winning mobile fraud detection and prevention SDKs instantly recognize common high-risk indicators, including:

Easily add our mobile fraud detection and prevention SDK to a mobile app at key points to collect information about your customers’ devices, which minimizes the need for invasive step-up authentication. As a result, you can streamline the overall experience for your customers while providing your business with the peace of mind and confidence it needs.

“The iovation iOS and Android SDKs for our mobile apps add even more power to helping us pinpoint bad actors and keep them out for good.”

ANGELA BIENER Chief Operating Officer / nTrust

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