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Account Takeover

Protect your customers from account takeovers.

Unauthorized access of a legitimate customer’s account to obtain products or services is called account takeover fraud (ATO). It’s a rapidly-growing problem among many industries. We have solutions that deliver risk-appropriate authentication, authorization, and fraud controls no matter how or when a customer is interacting with you.

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Application Fraud

Prevent new application fraud.

New customers are essential for growing your business. It’s critical to balance the competing demands of catching fraud, with providing a smooth and effortless customer experience. Our authentication and fraud prevention solutions use our device reputation intelligence to immediately identify and shut out fraudsters before they can create false new accounts.

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Synthetic Identities

Spot and stop synthetic identity fraud.

Synthetic identities are difficult to uncover when fraudsters use a mix of real and fake data to create new false identities. They use these to obtain credit, make purchases or open new accounts. Learn how you can uncover and prevent synthetic identity fraud in real time, before it costs you.

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