• Prevent account takeovers at every touchpoint.

    We’ve got your back along every step of a customer’s journey and the best thing is, our account takeover fraud detection and prevention solutions work quickly and invisibly. If a customer is logging in from an authorized device for a low-risk activity, they’ll be authenticated immediately as a trusted connection. For higher risk activities, you’ll have iovation’s strong mobile multifactor authentication and authorization solutions built right into your app.

  • Authentication made simple, strong and safe.

    Identify both authorized and high-risk devices using iovation’s proprietary device recognition database. It integrates right into your current authentication framework and offers an extra layer of protection. Improve the authentication experience further by eliminating passwords altogether; once a device is authorized to an account, authentication is virtually immediate and is upped to a higher level only when the risk level warrants it.

  • Detect account takeover attempts.

    iovation goes far beyond front door security and lets you layer protection throughout the customer interaction. With iovation account takeover fraud protection, you can request authorization for riskier events right from the customer’s app. And you’ll have a record of that approval in case your customer later denies the transaction. Even if a crook manages to log in to a customer’s account, you can still stop them from committing fraud at high risk points.

  • Safeguard your contact center.

    Fraudsters are increasingly targeting contact centers, gathering data about customers and then combining high-pressure tactics with spoofing technology to socially engineer agents to take over customers’ accounts or perpetrate SIM swapping. With mobile multifactor authentication you can strengthen security both online and offline, without slowing down service. Empower agents to quickly validate callers’ devices before providing service to prevent account takeover fraud without slowing down good customers.

Powerful products that stop fraud and ease authentication.

From your customer’s first touch of engagement to their last, we’ve got you covered.