• Grow your base of trusted connections.

    It’s important to catch new account fraud, but it’s also critical that no barriers are put in place that will frustrate legitimate customers wanting to create new accounts. It’s a fine balance, but we’ve got it perfected. We use a combination of rules-based and machine learning solutions, and you gain the benefits of each approach in quickly and accurately eliminating application fraud. Accept trusted new connections with confidence and provide them with a premium authentication experience, while you keep out fraudsters.

  • Confidently authenticate new customers.

    TransUnion is a market leader in establishing and validating personal identities. iovation is a market leader in authenticating digital identities. Together, our databases provide you with an incredibly powerful data resource that makes it easier than ever for you to establish new customers’ identities, with confidence.

  • Treat new customers like VIPs.

    iovation’s solutions don’t stop at locating and blocking the the bad guys. The combination of our network of collective data intelligence, our device reputation platform and our machine learning solutions gives you confidence that each new account can be trusted. Knowing that, you can reward new customers with offers and promotions that otherwise might be held back for fear of fraud and abuse.

  • Reduce false declines, grow your revenue.

    While preventing fraud is important, it shouldn’t come at the cost of turning away prospective new customers. A false decline could end that relationship before it ever begins. iovation is continually evaluating and tuning our services to achieve the highest fraud prevention rates without driving up false declines.

Powerful products that stop fraud and ease authentication.

From your customer’s first touch of engagement to their last, we’ve got you covered.