• Recognize good players from their very first visit.

    Use predictive machine learning to quickly recognize honest players, even if you’ve never seen them before. Reward good players with VIP experiences while stopping fraudsters.

  • Reward your VIPs.

    Confidently identify devices associated with your best players, and target your bonuses accordingly with device-based authentication.

  • Stop devices with a history of abuse, even if they’re new to you.

    Keep out devices that have been reported for specific types of abuse, fraud or cheating, leveraging insights from your own business or from any of the 35,000 brands we protect globally.

  • Use velocities to catch suspicious activity.

    Monitor transactions for abnormal device and account velocities. For example, if you have a single device that has set up 100 new accounts in an hour, that’s not a normal consumer behavior and likely requires investigation.

Proof of performance.

Our solutions make your offerings more competitive and customer-friendly.

FraudForce has helped me think from a different point of view. Rather than asking ‘How can I cut down on chargebacks in a specific market, or chargebacks from specific providers?’, I ask myself ‘How can we make use of iovation to separate the good traffic from the bad?

Mitchell Willoughby Risk Control Operations Manager, LeoVegas