• Decline devices with a history of credit card fraud, from their first visit.

    Keep out devices that have been reported for credit card fraud, leveraging insights from your own business or from any of the 35,000 brands we protect globally.

  • Prioritize reviews and reduce false declines with machine learning.

    Reduce your review queue and avoid costly step-ups by identifying low-risk transactions. Predictive machine learning helps differentiate transactions that are likely fraudulent from those that can be trusted– allowing you to prevent fraud while reducing friction for good customers.

  • Uncover and block fraud rings.

    When a device connects to your site, immediately know its reputation and history. Draw connections between related devices and accounts to uncover criminal networks working to defraud your business.

  • Spot and stop suspicious activity earlier.

    Monitor transactions for risk indicators such as devices that have been jailbroken or rooted, the use of anonymizing proxies or geolocation mismatches that could indicate fraud.

Proven results against credit card fraud.

Our solutions make your offerings more secure and customer-friendly.

When you’re talking about manual reviews, the man hours are huge. With iovation, we’re so much more efficient. We know exactly who we’re dealing with and we can tie it all together quickly. That knowledge is priceless.

Steve Geib Vice President of Client Services, New Era Ticket