The digitalization of business processes and the advent of mobile computing have given rise to the next generation of fraud. Cybercriminals have a variety of tools and techniques—as well as opportunities—to steal money and services. Furthermore, traditional fraud prevention tools often fail to stop this fraudulent activity.

Companies need a new approach to fraud prevention—one that stops fraud early and preserves the user experience. Companies with an online presence must have the ability to:

  • Detect and respond to fraudulent activity before incurring losses
  • Leverage human insight and machine learning to identify advanced fraud
  • Work with other fraud analysts to identify larger fraud trends and stop cybercriminals on a global scale
  • Block more fraud while reducing fraud prevention costs

This book explores how companies can leverage a next-generation fraud prevention solution to stop more fraud while reducing costs and providing a positive user experience for trusted customers.

Chapters at a Glance

  • Chapter 1: “Introducing Fraud in the Mobile Age,” examines how fraud has evolved with the advent of anywhere, anytime computing.
  • Chapter 2: “Understanding the Enemy,” explains how cybercriminals commit fraud, as well as the tools and techniques they use to do so.
  • Chapter 3: “Analyzing Current Fraud Prevention Techniques,” describes how traditional approaches used to block fraud fail to counter today’s next-generation fraud.
  • Chapter 4: “Introducing Next-generation Fraud Prevention,” explains the tools and techniques that comprise a next-generation approach to fraud prevention.
  • Chapter 5: “Exploring Device Intelligence,” introduces the concepts of device recognition, reputation, and associations for blocking fraudulent activity.
  • Chapter 6: “Leveraging Human Insight and Machine Learning,” explains how human insight and machine learning are better together in the fight against fraud.
  • Chapter 7: “Harnessing the Power of Next-generation Device Intelligence,” explores the benefits of a next-generation approach to fraud prevention beyond simply catching more fraud.
  • Chapter 8: “Ten Buying Criteria for a Next-gen Fraud Prevention Solution,” enumerates criteria for choosing a next-gen fraud prevention solution.
  • Glossary: Provides handy definitions of key terms (appearing in italics) used throughout this book.