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iovation DevicePrint® - Advanced Fraud Prevention Device Recognition Technology & Network

iovation DevicePrint® processes information collected on a device using sophisticated recognition technology, delivering a unique device ID along with over 100 device attributes.  Get the most advanced device recognition technology available, based on years of R&D and proven experience at leading global online brands.

Cookies and IP addresses are the traditional way to track and identify devices connecting to your website. But what happens once the cookie is removed or the IP address changes?

iovation DevicePrint is a SaaS solution integrated into your web or client-server applications that collects the most useful and relevant device attributes available. DevicePrint uses the collected information to recognize an existing device and return its ID, or assign a new ID to the device. This service provides you with a more reliable and consistent method for recognizing your returning visitors.

Leverage iovation's Device Reputation & Fraud Prevention Network

iovation’s customers know that the power of fraud prevention lies in device reputation and the collaboration of many businesses in many industries. This is where our fraud prevention network comes together to fight fraud in a collaborative effort. With iovation, even though a device may be connecting to your site for the first time, it may already have a reputation with iovation because it has visited other iovation customers’ sites. Thus, you instantly know if this device has been involved with fraud in the past.

You can choose what types of risk you care about, and what businesses contributed the information to iovation. In addition, other risk factors like geolocation, velocity, and device anomalies also contribute to the overall risk of a transaction.

iovation Device-Based Business Intelligence


DevicePrint - Device Recognition Features

  • Collects attributes and recognizes unique devices. Information about any device connected to a website is collected – including software and hardware information, configuration settings, and dozens of unique device attributes - all used to recognize or assign a new ID.
  • Utilizes the most sophisticated recognition engine and largest database. Dozens of attributes for each device are run through iovation’s pattern-matching engines to generate accurate identification and recognition results. Patterns are refined on a continuous and automated basis to ensure the highest level of match accuracy results. Because iovation has identified more than 5 billion unique devices, your devices will be compared against the largest device reputation database in the world.
  • Provides instantaneous device recognition results. If the device already resides in our database, it is matched to its existing unique ID. If the connected device is new, a new device ID is generated. Along with the device ID, other device attributes are returned including hardware type, OS type, screen resolution, timezone, browser language, Flash settings and more.
  • Recognizes devices without impacting user experience. The device recognition process is not seen by users and the device ID received through DevicePrint allows you to compare devices, visits, usage and traffic throughout downstream systems and sites, as well as partner and affiliate sites.

Combining Recognition Techniques

Recognition-in-Depth is iovation's powerful, multi-disciplinary approach to device recognition. We layer diverse technologies to improve recognition; if one technique fails, another may succeed. Client-side device recognition components use JavaScript, HTML 5, and ActionScript (Adobe Flash). We combine:

  • SDKs for popular desktop and mobile operating systems that collect device information.
  • JavaScript that runs in web browsers that compiles and returns device information.
  • Cookies that help re-identify devices that are already known.
  • IP address detection that determines the actual IP address even if a device is using a technique, such as a proxy, to obscure the IP geo-location based on IP address.
  • Pattern matching that compares specific combinations of device attributes in order to recognize returning devices.
  • A real-time view into associations between devices via common accounts across iovation subscribers. This greatly improves fraud-catch and minimizes false negatives.
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Key Benefits

  • Provides the tools to prevent undesirable access to your critical websites and applications.
  • Offers a reliable, consistent method for device recognition, superior to cookie usage.
  • Delivers a high capacity real-time service that supports thousands of transactions per second without any impact to your website user’s experience.
  • Makes implementation simple, utilizing standard interfaces and providing data in XML or JSON format that’s easy to integrate with downstream systems.

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