Identify risky email and phone numbers for your customer transactions.

Fraud tactics continue to evolve in complexity and frequency, resulting in billions of dollars in fraud-related costs to businesses around the world. Fraud teams face the nearly impossible task of keeping out bad actors without sacrificing the positive experience for good customers. More than ever, fraud teams must share knowledge from their peers and industry resources to identify potential fraud.

Now you can leverage the emails and phone numbers provided by customers to identify risk with iovation’s fully integrated fraud prevention platform. Email and phone verification risk insights expand the capabilities of FraudForce’s market-leading device-based reputation platform and enhance your ability to identify fraudulent transactions. Centralize your fraud detection program into a single platform with access to the largest device-based reputation network, a comprehensive global IP listing, and one of the largest email and phone number intelligence networks.

Read the datasheet to learn more about how email and phone verification can help you refine your ability to recognize fraud while expediting the acquisition of valuable new customer accounts.