• Powerful solutions that prevent fraud and ease customer access.

    Predictive machine learning insights allow you to treat a new customer like a well-known VIP. Make it easier for them to open an account, log in, make a purchase or take advantage of a promotion.

  • Combine human and machine intelligence to recognize fraud patterns.

    Utilize billions of transactions and confirmed fraud reports to automate your risk assessment. Leverage customizable business rules and machine learning to discover subtle risk patterns and adapt to emerging fraud patterns.

  • Target the fraud types that mean the most to you.

    Our machine learning incorporates device intelligence on risky combinations of attributes and anomalies. Fine-tune risk insights with industry-specific fraud reports confirmed by fraud experts.

  • Uncover and block fraud rings.

    When a device connects to your site, quickly know its reputation and history. Draw connections between related devices and accounts to uncover criminal networks working to defraud your business.

Predict risk and prevent fraud with machine learning.

Plug into our experience with fraud prevention solutions and machine learning. Leverage insights from over 6 billion devices to clearly distinguish fraudsters from good consumers.

Reduce costly manual reviews with predictive risk solutions.

Leverage machine learning and device-based reputation to improve efficiency and catch more fraud.

When you’re talking about manual reviews, the man hours are huge. With iovation, we’re so much more efficient. We know exactly who we’re dealing with and we can tie it all together quickly. That knowledge is priceless.

Steve Geib Vice President of Client Services, New Era Ticket

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